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One can only imagine how difficult it must be to live with a mental health illness or intellectual disability. Many in our Florida communities afflicted with these conditions have to find ways to effectively accomplish everyday tasks in the hopes of being able to slowly but surely achieve their objectives and lead a life they’ve always wanted – a normal, successful life. No matter how tough their situations are, their positive outlook, bravery, persistence, and will to never give up their dreams ensure confidence in them. They are then able to take on each and every day that comes with the strength and determination to lead the life they deserve. Through our range of stellar services and programs, we are able to help them accomplish all of that and more.

ACIDD FLORIDA offers different services- Personal Supports , Life skills, and standard residential services in two major programs:

For more on what we do, please contact our office at 862-221-8282 or 1-844-ACIDD-US. You may also send us an email with your questions and inquiries to